Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Net - Book Reflection                                                             
I had my Net- book for  two terms.  Before I got my  Net- book I use to write in an exercisebook.  But now I'm using my Net-book.  The Net-book helps me how to work faster and neater.Before I used my book I couldn't share my work with others.  But  now I love to share with the children and read their comments.    
I learnt different things about animals.  I took pictures at the zoo.  I created stories and a slide show with it.  Then I shared it on my blog.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Our day at the Zoo

 It was a school trip. Room 9, 11 and 12 went to the Zoo. When they got to the Zoo.
The children said this is a lovely Zoo.
The teachers also said it is a lovely Zoo.

The teachers took their own class. First we
went to look at the crazy Monkey’s. Then secondly we went to look at the tall Giraffe’s. One of the Giraffe’s was too busy eating his food.  When he finished eating his food, he went for a walk.

After that we went to look at the fluffy Koala’s.
The teacher said lets go now.
Lets go and see the lazy Lion’s.
Tainah said “yes yes!”

So Tainah ran to the Lion. She said “look
there are two Lion’s sleeping.”
So Megan and I went to look at the enormous Elephant’s.

After that we went to see the muddy Hippo’s.
There was a Mama Hippo and a Baby Hippo.

So we went and looked at the sluggish Crocodile
who was fast asleep.
After that Ifa looked at the map and said
“lets go and see the cuddly red Panda.”
So we went and looked at the baby
red Panda.

And then we got ready to go back to school and made our way back to class after our long cool day at the Zoo

Monday, 10 September 2012

Healthy lunch

On Thursday our whole school had shared lunch. When we went to the hall we went and sat on the Junior's side. We saw cheeses on the table and those healthy foods on the posters. Our teacher prayed for our food. First they gave us bread. Secondly they gave us lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. Thirdly we had to put our healthy ingredients on our bread. After that we ate our sandwiches. Then we went back to class.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My missing shoes


In the morning my shoes went missing. My Nana said just wear the old shoes you got. I said yes. My mum said she will buy me new shoes tomorrow. I said yes. I woke up and said are we going to buy me a new pair of shoes.

They said after we come back from church. I said yes. After church I said we are going to buy me new shoes. They said yes. I went all away to the back. I asked my mum how much dollars do we have. She said we got ten dollars. I went to put on a shoe. My mum said does it fit on you. I said yes.  

We went to pay it. We went back home and made us a feed.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I got my Net book

Dear mum

Thanks for the Net-book that you paid for. I was so surprised when I saw it.  When our principal said to open our Net-book boxes I was so happy to see my Net-book.  When I open it I saw it.  It was so shiny when I saw it.

So my principal told us to open our Net-books.  So we open our Net-book and we were so happy that we saw our Net-book.  And every one started   to talk about the Net-books.

I expect this Net book.  Because when I opened it up.  I was so happy.  To see my Netbook.

Your Daughter mele