Saturday, 31 August 2013

Displaying Data

In maths I am learning to group my 20 counters according to colour and display the data. First I had to draw a tally chart . Here is my tally chart.

Here is my Bar graph

Here is my online 3d Bar graph
The bar graph was pink  and the least was red.  Blue and yellow are the same size.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inspiration person

WALT: use our research to write an essay  on an inspirational person.

Miriama Jennet Kamo is a New Zealand television presenter, host and producer. She previously hosted the current affairs programme like 20/20 on TV. She was born in Christchurch on the 19th of October 1973.

She was an actress on a movie called Under The Mountains and also a TV show that we all know 20/20. That is a current affair television series that
was made in New Zealand and was hosted by Sonya Wilson. 20/20 was originally screened on TV 3 between 1993 and 2003.  
I've chosen Miriama Kamo because it only 20/20 I watch but not only 20/20 I watch cartoon.

Miriama Kamo use to act on 20/20 but then she finish on 2003.
Miriama Kamo she was an good presenter person.  She could speak properly and she can act like the other people in the television.






Monday, 26 August 2013

Washing hands

Rub your hands until it makes bubbles.

Keep germs away from your hands!

Wash your hands so your hands can keep clean.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Basic fact

WALT:  Converting fractions to decimals.

I have to write the decimal in the box for the fraction.  Decimal is easy because you only write 0.1.  Because the 10 is down that how I got the answer.  Next,I want to do ones with the denominator of 100.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The skin

WALT: write a story with a theme “always take care of your skin.”

In 1998 once there was a little girl that got itchy.  She couldn't  control herself stop scratching.  Her name was Maria.  Maria didn't have a mum or dad only one sister and two brother.  Maria went to her older sister call Catherine.  Maria said to her that she is starting to get itchy.  Catherine said where did you go Maria said that she fell in the trash.

Catherine said go and have a bath OK then come back.  
So Maria went to have a bath.  When Maria finish having a bath she came walking to her sister and Maria said finish.  Catherine said to don't come closer because you might get itchy.  So Maria went and touch her and said why are you crying.  Catherine said that
she got the itchy bite.  So Maria call the two brothers that they got the itchy bite.  So the boys said that they got it to.  

Then Maria said to the boys to go and have a bath at your room because she have a bath.  So the two boys ran to there room.  And Maria told Catherine to go to her room
and have a bath.  So Catherine ran to her room to go  for a bath.  So Maria went to her room.  So she waited and waited and it was 7.00 O’clock pm.  So they came to Maria’s
room and said thank you.  Maria said you should thank Catherine she was the one that
told me to go and have a bath.  So Catherine said no thank you for telling us to go for a bath.  So maria said your welcome so Maria went and hug them.  Then Maria got itchy
so Catherine said to go for a bath.  So Maria ran to the bathroom.  And Catherine and the two boys were laughing.   


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Math's fraction

Today I was learning fraction games I have to look for the fraction so number can go with the fraction.  But it was a little bit hard because the time was going fast.  I couldn't
press the button because it was too fast.  My level was level 13.  I had no time to reach it to number 20.   And pairs that I got wrong was that I pressed the wrong pairs I pressed 1/5  but not 1/6.  

So the time got up to 15 so I started to rush. So the time stop and it says that my scores is 34200.  But I was happy that my score is 34200.  So the computer said
that I have to right any name so I just wrote Siu.  Then I press submit and it says
Siu. Fraction is good for you to play because it helps you to learn.

Saturday, 17 August 2013


 Stop and shoot.
 Dribble,dribble,dribble,dribble, Here we go.
 This is us my class
  and this is how we
 shoot shoot.
 Boys girls having fun
  This crazy ball goes around.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better then cure

WALT:respond to the presentation given by the public health dept.

This morning the whole school went to the hall to learn about rheumatic.  Dr Alison leversha from starship hospital came to our school.  It took us 25 min for the warriors.  When the warriors came they went to the stage.  So everyone can look at the warriors.  When the warriors went to the front.  

Elizabeth went to the stage to tell us that she will be pretending
to be a teacher and Awen will be the Doctor.  And the warriors
will be pretending to be the kids.  When it was class time Doctor
Awen was knocking on the door.  Then Elizabeth went and open
the door.Doctor Awen said  that if someone had a sore throat.  Then
Sione  put his hand up .   And he went with Doctor Awen to check
his throat.  But he was scared.  So the two
student said let count to 3 to open his mouth.  So we count up
to 3 and he opened his mouth.  So we started to clap and clap.

After that we went back to class so the warriors can sign their warriors paper.  When they came out they sign all the classes paper. After signing the paper We tooked a photo of them.  Then we went back to class.