Sunday, 18 August 2013

Math's fraction

Today I was learning fraction games I have to look for the fraction so number can go with the fraction.  But it was a little bit hard because the time was going fast.  I couldn't
press the button because it was too fast.  My level was level 13.  I had no time to reach it to number 20.   And pairs that I got wrong was that I pressed the wrong pairs I pressed 1/5  but not 1/6.  

So the time got up to 15 so I started to rush. So the time stop and it says that my scores is 34200.  But I was happy that my score is 34200.  So the computer said
that I have to right any name so I just wrote Siu.  Then I press submit and it says
Siu. Fraction is good for you to play because it helps you to learn.


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