Monday, 28 October 2013

More less and equally maintenance

This game is call more less and equal it says up top that on which colour is the spinner less likely to land.  So I pressed red because red is less than blue.  And blue is higher than red.  What I was challenging was that it was easy because it says which one is less so I pressed red because red is less than the blue.  I like playing this game because  it is fun and it helps you to know the less and the highest.   

Sunday, 27 October 2013


What I learn in this game was that I have to look for the answer. 
 What I do with the answers is that I have to dragged the answers 
to the hose.  So the hose can wash the see-saw. When I found the 
answers I just dragged it to the hose.  It was a really good game.      

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Girl on fire

Walt: write a narrative

One day there was a girl that was staying home she was hungry and tired she went and made her food she turned on the stove and she went back to her room and slept.  When she woke up it wasn't cooked yet then she went back to sleep.  Then the alarm went on and she woked up and there was a fire it was burning her kitchen and she ran to the bathroom and get some water.  She went and splash the water on the fire and she went back and got lot of water.

But the fire went on top of her and the fire burned her and she stated to yelled for help.  But nobody didn't hear her then one person saw a house on fire so she called the fire fighters and said that there is a house on fire then he said that they are on there way.  When they got there they got the hose straight away and splashed it onto the fire then the fire went off then they start looking for her.  Then the ambulance came and took her to hospital and they called her parent to come because her daughter is at the hospital.

They straight went to the hospital and they were looking for her.  The parent said where is her daughter she said she is having a rest they said can we go to her or not she said no you can’t she need some rest.  So they waited there for half an hour the doctor said you can see her.  So they went to her and said how is your hand she said find so the mum said what happened she said I was hungry so I made me food.  Then I went to sleep and when I woked up the house was on fire and she said that was it.  One year she came out of the hospital and they went back home.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Say ah

Tony Ruall was very happy that he got checked by the doctor because Tony Ruall had a sore throat.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Going for running with her dog

One day there was a girl call Maria that went with her dog call Lollipop for a run they went the whole block two times and while she was listening to her song her friend was calling her name.  She said are yous going for a run Maria said yes I’m going for a run with my dog Lollipop.  She said where is Lollipop she said she was just here so they started to look for her then Lollipop was just at Marias house just playing with her dog.  So Maria said oh there she is so her friends told her to come inside.

After they talked Maria was calling Lollipop but Lollipop wasn’t at the backyard.  Maria start went looking for Lollypop so she went to the forest and started call her.  But Lollipop wasn’t there next she went to the park but Lollipop wasn’t there so she went back home and started to look for lollypop but she wasn’t there so she started to walk to the beach.  And she saw a little girl playing with her dog.  So she was sad but then she heard a dog ruff so she started to run there.  But the was from the forest and she said I just went there.

So she went there calling Lollipop and she saw a old house so she knocked at the door.  But no body wasn’t there so she opened the door and she heard a dog ruff.  So she went up stairs and opened the dog and it was Lollipop she said why did you run away.  So Lollipop ruffed so they went back home and start playing at the back yard.  Maria said should we go for a run Lollipop Lollipop  ruffed.  Then her mum came home and said hi how was your running with Lollipop Maria said it was fun so they went and eat ice-cream.  

Friday, 18 October 2013

The power of choice

Kaho and the Genesis was at school they were acting he went to school and there was a bully Kaho was walking and then the bully came and he said what for your lunch Kaho said cheese balls and chocolate that for my lunch.  He said I got the same lunch like you I got cheese balls and chocolate so he said where is it he said I already ate it.