Sunday, 22 September 2013

A lost girl at Ancient Egypt

WALT:write a well sequenced story set in Ancient Egypt.  Mele

In Ancient Egypt there were two  boys and one girl and there were one adult that looked after the kids. The kids name is Mike,John, and Lily.  The mum and dad's name was Jennifer, and Michael they were the mum and dad.  The adult name was Julie.  She was a kind adult.  She likes to look after kids.  When Jennifer and Michael went to work.
Mike,John, and Lily went to play outside.

When they came back in the kids said that they are hungry so Jully went and made them some food to eat.  After that they went and eat.  When they finish eating.  They went into the launch and watch tv.  The kids said can we watch cartoons.  Julie said what kind of cartoon do you want to watch.  They said I don't  know.  So they just watched any cartoon.  

After that when the two boys went to sleep.  Lily went and played outside because she was bored.  She had a ball.  When she bounced the ball.  The ball rolled all the way to the building.  When she got the ball she said oh this is cool.  So she went and played
there.  But it was a dangerous building.  When Lily finish playing she couldn't know
which way to go so she called out for help.

When the two boys woke up.  the two boys said where is Lily.  Julie said I'm looking for her.  Mike said look here it her jumper.  Julie said she must went  to the building.  So they went and called out Lily.  Julie said Lily where are you.  So Lily heard a noise.  Lily said
over here.  So Julie went and got Lily.

Julie said what happened Lily said my ball ran of.  So Julie said it all right so Lily’s mum
and dad came to pick up the kids.  Lily's mum said thank you for looking after  my kids.  So Julie said I it all right.  So they went back home.       

Saturday, 21 September 2013

More less and equally maintenance

This game is call more less and equal it says up top that on which colour is the spinner less likely to land.  So I pressed red because red is less than blue.  And blue is higher than red.  What I was challenging was that it was easy because it says which one is less so I pressed red because red is less than the blue.  I like playing this game because  it is fun and it helps you to know the less and hight.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Cubes in the bag

This game is called cubes in the bag because  you have to look at the marble if you can take it out.  So I chose certain because you can take a marble out of the bag.  What I was challenging was that it was a bit cheeky.  Because if I do likely then I will get it wrong.  I've chose this game because so everyone can know it if  someone doesn't know how to play the game then we can teach them how to play the game.   

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Annoying gorilla

Dear Tupou siale

Yesterday I had a annoying Gorila.
She was eating my lunch for school.
I said stop eating my lunch.
But the Gorilla punch me on the hand.
I said your a annoying Gorila.
But he was still punching me.
I said sorry for yelling at you.
But can you stop punching me.
So the Gorilla stop punching me.
So we went and play at the park.

Survey sport

This is my graph I have to write the sport name then it comes up then it on.  I have the same box like the numbers but different colour and the name for the sport was cross country and basketball.   They have the same number and same box too.  

Monday, 16 September 2013


WALT: explain the Maori contribution to time.

Matariki is a time to celebrate their festival.  Matariki were filled with food.  Matariki is a group of seven stars.  It reappears at the beginning of June.  Matariki disappeared from view.  When the new moon appears at the evening sky.  It sign that the Maori New year and they also called Matariki.

Kereru was snared and preserved in fat.  People were gathered together during Matariki to winter months.    To remember the past and plan for the New year.  
The people were remembering those people that who came before us.  They had left them behind.

Matariki was a time to bountiful they catches with the fish.  Matariki celebrates their own family.  Like they are celebrating their own country.  Celebrating their own festival is very important.  Because if you don’t celebrate your own family.
Then your family will have a broken heart.

Breaking other peoples heart makes them don’t smile or don't eat.  But if you celebrate your family then they will be happy.  Then the family will be happy.  Celebrating with your family is very important.     Because it is very interesting for the festival.                                             

Sunday, 15 September 2013


For my learning for today I was playing shapes.  Shapes is like the square,and the triangle That is a shapes.  Playing with the shapes is really fun.  Because you can roll all the shapes all together and they will change into a different corners.  What I was challenging was that it was too easy.  Cause you just only look for the name of the shapes.  


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tony Willams

Walt: writ a report on Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Tony Williams was born 12 December 1988 and he was 24 years old.  Tony Williams made his NRL debut playing on the wing for parramatta in his round 13 of the 2008 NRL season against the Canberra Raiders.  That season he was named in centre in the NYC team of the year.  Tony Williams was selected in New Zealand Kiwi squad for the 2010 four nations.  He declared his desire to play both Australia New South Wales.  When Tony was playing centre for the two games of the 2011 NRL season Williams missed the next 3 through injury.

1. Who was your favourite All Blacks.

2. How did you become famous.

3. Did you like playing rugby.

4. How do you get idea.
5. I you Marry and do you have child.

6. Do you have any tricks to show us.

7. What kind of movies do you do.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

As fast as the wind

One day there was a little boy call Te aho he was too scared that he is going to his new school.  When it was dark one shaft of moonlight was shining onto the wall.
Outside it was blowing hard and Te aho didn't like the wind and he said that sleep
will not come.  And each time the moon came out from the clouds.

Te aho shivered and snuggled further under the blanket.  But Te aho was still thinking about the poor boy and the hen the wind blow the boy and the hen to the ocean.  Then he shut his eye so that he couldn't see the picture any more.

It was lunchtime so they were lining up for rugby.  So the child said if he want to play
with them.   Te aho said no he just watch them playing.  Te aho said well so they decide to take him to there group.  Te aho kept an eye a close eye on the action  because he never played rugby before in his other school.

Te aho’s friend threw the ball to Te aho and Te aho ran faster as the wind.  someone yelled you're nearly there so some one said to him to dive so he dive and he got a score.  So someone said what a fast runner for such a small dude.  The kids all crowded around Te aho was still clutching the ball.  After school Koro went and waited to Te aho and ask how was school.  Te aho said it was great.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Qualities of a star team player

Qualities of a star team player.

  1. Everyone need to learn lot of skill or any sport you can learn to skill.                         
  2. Be fair with the ball don't keep it to yourself.                    
  3. Cheered for your team so they can get point.
  4. Learn your skills every day until you know all the skills.
  5. Win for your team and consent straight the games.  
  6. Be happy for your team and celebrate your team.
  7. Be good to the team player.
  8. Don't bully anyone in your team or anyone in the other team.
  9.  Be happy and smile
  10. Be good and helpful

     What I have to do to be a star player

I have to be kind and never interrupted other people.  I have to always

learn my skills every day so I can know all of them. So the coach said who knows all there skills.  Then I will stand up and show all the skills that I was doing.     

Monday, 9 September 2013

Maintenance bright balloon

Walt: compare and order

You have to press orange because it least then purple.  Purple has most of the  balloon then the orange.  What I was challenging was that it was too easy.  Because you have to look at the balloon which one has the most and which one has the least.  Playing lot of different games helps you to go to the next level.  Math is good for us.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cross country

Walt:write a rap/poem

Cross country

Cross, cross, cross country everybody
run with me come and join with the little
child so you can catched up with me.
If you're tied or if you're slow just keep
going so you can win the last race.

If you're friend is talking to you just ignore
and run to the front. But if the girls catched
up .  You better run before you come
last. That is the choice that you wanted
don't be angry or don't be sad.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Probability game

Walt: play probability games and identify all possible outcomes.

Ball goes to blue then you have to press the blue ball so it could go to the next level When you finish you press it again so it could go again and if it is a yellow ball comes out then you press red so it could go to the front.  What I was challenging in this game was that it was too easy.  Because if a yellow ball comes out then you press it so it could go to the next level.  That is how I play probability game.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fraction review


My learning for today was fraction review.  Fraction review is like you have to look for 1/8 and you have to look for the pair and that how I play fraction review.  I like playing fraction review because it helps you to learn lot of fraction.  It was easy because you  have to look for the shape and you have to count the shape if it 1/8.  Learning lot of fraction is very important because it helps you to go to the next level.  It wasn't tricky or hard it was easy I couldn't stop playing it.  Fraction was the only game that I played because it is fun to play.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Heart beat in the dark

Once there was a boy call Darren he was scared of the dark so he came with his drum and his drum stick.  He was too scared to go to his cousin’s house because Bess always scared him.  Darren’s mom was mad because Darren can hear her mum’s heart beat.   Mum said to him hurry up because she is having a baby.  Mum said do you got your school stuff. Darren said yes then mum said do you got your toothbrush so Darren said yes and mum said remember to call pop so he went into the car.   

When he got there he went into his bedroom and Bess came with a lamb and she plugged it and she put the lamb into the wall so she can make the pet.  So Darren can get scared of the dark.  When it was dark Bess got bored so she went and sleep.  Darren got scared and he remembered that his pop said if he get up then he wouldn't breath.  So he walked and he was thinking of his drum and his drum stick.  So when he got there he can see black roof, black tree and he can see the blackness.

When he called his pop he rang and when they finished talking he ran to his room and started to smile and then her auntie called him to wake up because he has a new born sister so he started to smile.         

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cantic Sumatran tiger

Walt:write a report on the Sumatran Tiger.

On 28 August Cantik got arrived in Wellington from Burger Zoo in the Netherlands in 1994 and she was 21 years old.  Cantik was loved by everyone at Wellington zoo and has live a long full life.  There are only a few hundred Sumatran tiger left in the wild.  

Tiger they have very short powerful leg and a huge powerful jaw. Cantik had more than 20 cubs but then her cubs are at Australasia .  No tiger have the same pattern of stripes on there coats.  Tigers fail at least 90/ of the time in catching prey during hunt.