Sunday, 22 September 2013

A lost girl at Ancient Egypt

WALT:write a well sequenced story set in Ancient Egypt.  Mele

In Ancient Egypt there were two  boys and one girl and there were one adult that looked after the kids. The kids name is Mike,John, and Lily.  The mum and dad's name was Jennifer, and Michael they were the mum and dad.  The adult name was Julie.  She was a kind adult.  She likes to look after kids.  When Jennifer and Michael went to work.
Mike,John, and Lily went to play outside.

When they came back in the kids said that they are hungry so Jully went and made them some food to eat.  After that they went and eat.  When they finish eating.  They went into the launch and watch tv.  The kids said can we watch cartoons.  Julie said what kind of cartoon do you want to watch.  They said I don't  know.  So they just watched any cartoon.  

After that when the two boys went to sleep.  Lily went and played outside because she was bored.  She had a ball.  When she bounced the ball.  The ball rolled all the way to the building.  When she got the ball she said oh this is cool.  So she went and played
there.  But it was a dangerous building.  When Lily finish playing she couldn't know
which way to go so she called out for help.

When the two boys woke up.  the two boys said where is Lily.  Julie said I'm looking for her.  Mike said look here it her jumper.  Julie said she must went  to the building.  So they went and called out Lily.  Julie said Lily where are you.  So Lily heard a noise.  Lily said
over here.  So Julie went and got Lily.

Julie said what happened Lily said my ball ran of.  So Julie said it all right so Lily’s mum
and dad came to pick up the kids.  Lily's mum said thank you for looking after  my kids.  So Julie said I it all right.  So they went back home.       


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