Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Qualities of a star team player

Qualities of a star team player.

  1. Everyone need to learn lot of skill or any sport you can learn to skill.                         
  2. Be fair with the ball don't keep it to yourself.                    
  3. Cheered for your team so they can get point.
  4. Learn your skills every day until you know all the skills.
  5. Win for your team and consent straight the games.  
  6. Be happy for your team and celebrate your team.
  7. Be good to the team player.
  8. Don't bully anyone in your team or anyone in the other team.
  9.  Be happy and smile
  10. Be good and helpful

     What I have to do to be a star player

I have to be kind and never interrupted other people.  I have to always

learn my skills every day so I can know all of them. So the coach said who knows all there skills.  Then I will stand up and show all the skills that I was doing.     


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