Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tony Willams

Walt: writ a report on Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Tony Williams was born 12 December 1988 and he was 24 years old.  Tony Williams made his NRL debut playing on the wing for parramatta in his round 13 of the 2008 NRL season against the Canberra Raiders.  That season he was named in centre in the NYC team of the year.  Tony Williams was selected in New Zealand Kiwi squad for the 2010 four nations.  He declared his desire to play both Australia New South Wales.  When Tony was playing centre for the two games of the 2011 NRL season Williams missed the next 3 through injury.

1. Who was your favourite All Blacks.

2. How did you become famous.

3. Did you like playing rugby.

4. How do you get idea.
5. I you Marry and do you have child.

6. Do you have any tricks to show us.

7. What kind of movies do you do.


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