Friday, 17 May 2013


In maths I have learn about baseball.   Single was easy because it had times table.  Double was hard because 36 x 6.  I was thinking and thinking.  So I had the answer.   And it was 216.   Because I just looked at the 216.  So I press 216. And I got it right.



Clearissa said...

Hi Mele, What did you find complicating?

Britney said...

Times table was hard for me in the beginning. With the help from my mum and dad, I learnt about standard algorithm. I learnt more with Mrs Ramkolowen too. Did you guess the answer or work it out?

Megan said...

Malo Lelei, Mele I really enjoyed reading your work. Was it difficult playing baseball? One day I will ask you to teach me how to play baseball.

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