Friday, 17 May 2013

Habu an Egyptian story

Habu was an asp.  Habu was a slithery snake with a fork tongue and dark brownish-purple.
He had two sharp fangs.  His scales were very slippery.  Habu noticed whenever he slithered
all the animals disappeared.  Habu didn't understand why they did that.  Habu won’t hurt anyone.
Habu was terrified of the elephant because Habu doesn't want to be crushed.

One day Habu was scooting across the hot sand.  Habu heard the wind blowing so he hiss loudly and ran of.  Habu bumped into something that was hard.  He coulden’t look properly.
Because he bumped into something that was hard.  Habu heard a noise and it was the storm.
The storm came and drop Habu.  So Habu went to sleep.  When he sleep.

The little girl came and saw figs.  She ran and got the figs one by one.  When she pick the fig.
But it wasn’t a fig.  It was Habu so the little girl ran to her  home.  Habu woke up and he was next to the river.  Habu saw Yasmine the crocodile with her sharp teeth.  Then Habu ran away.  And he bump into the tree.  But it wasn't a tree it was the elephant.  Habu ran away.  

Habu said he doesn't want to be dead.  When Habu came out Habu wasn’t scared anymore.  But the animal was still scared.       


Carolee said...

hey, this is a very good story i enjoyed it.

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