Saturday, 15 March 2014


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Today I am learning addition . I have to look at the number that is added to 4+9+7 I have to look for the answer for the number and when I got the answer I pointed to the answer.  The answer for the addition was 20. Because 9+7= 16 and 16+4=20 that is how I got answer and it was easy too.  


claudia said...

Hi Mele I really think how you worked out your strategy is a good way to figure the answer. What do you think you need to work on. What do you think you want to achieve in your learning. I really think that you don't need to work on easy work like this. Keep up the work.

Tupou Rose said...

Hello Mele.
I was readying your story about this basketball game. I like how you tell us how you got the answer. You must be good at this cause how we get the skills from Vinny. Do you like basketball?

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