Friday, 17 May 2013

Habu an Egyptian story

Habu was an asp.  Habu was a slithery snake with a fork tongue and dark brownish-purple.
He had two sharp fangs.  His scales were very slippery.  Habu noticed whenever he slithered
all the animals disappeared.  Habu didn't understand why they did that.  Habu won’t hurt anyone.
Habu was terrified of the elephant because Habu doesn't want to be crushed.

One day Habu was scooting across the hot sand.  Habu heard the wind blowing so he hiss loudly and ran of.  Habu bumped into something that was hard.  He coulden’t look properly.
Because he bumped into something that was hard.  Habu heard a noise and it was the storm.
The storm came and drop Habu.  So Habu went to sleep.  When he sleep.

The little girl came and saw figs.  She ran and got the figs one by one.  When she pick the fig.
But it wasn’t a fig.  It was Habu so the little girl ran to her  home.  Habu woke up and he was next to the river.  Habu saw Yasmine the crocodile with her sharp teeth.  Then Habu ran away.  And he bump into the tree.  But it wasn't a tree it was the elephant.  Habu ran away.  

Habu said he doesn't want to be dead.  When Habu came out Habu wasn’t scared anymore.  But the animal was still scared.       


In maths I have learn about baseball.   Single was easy because it had times table.  Double was hard because 36 x 6.  I was thinking and thinking.  So I had the answer.   And it was 216.   Because I just looked at the 216.  So I press 216. And I got it right.


Ripper rugby

In the afternoon I had ripper rugby.  I said to my teacher can I go ripper rugby.  My teacher said yes.  When I got there I was so scared that I might rouen it.  My coach game and said go and
run around the field then come back.  So we ran to the field.  The coach said go and get your belt and your rip.  So we went and got our belt and our rip.  The coach said a use ready.
We said yes we are ready.  So we were playing .  When we were playing we had a goal.
Our goal was 20 and the other team had 28.  The coach said times up we are finished.
So we took away our  belt and our rip.  The coach said that was really good.  So we went back home.

Friday, 10 May 2013



               Rain,rain,rain have ever heard or seen a rain coming
               down from a cloudy day.
               Rain,rain,rain have you ever or  stop raining because
               you're making people all wet.

              Rain,rain,rain would you like to rain. because your
              just making everyone crazy.
              Rain,rain,rain this will be a cloudy day everyone
              would not get your way.

My learning for math

My learning for math is time table because time table helps me learn more of math. My learning for division fact is that I need to learn it.

My learning for math is learning time table.  Times table
are the most popular math.  Because it helps you to learn.
And you can learn division to.  Division are most popular
to.  Because it helps you to  learn.

Is an ancient Egyptian myth

In the story there are three characters.   They were Osiris,wife-sister,Isis, and Seth, Osiris  had went all over the world to spread law.  So he can go and teach them his farming skill.

His brother Seth became jealous of popularity.  And Seth murdered his own brother Osiris because Osiris did kind things to the people.   

And he put Osiris in a coffin and he took him to the river.
And the king cut his tree and he went and put his  tree  inside the hall.  And  Osiris wife came to look for his body.
And she saw the body of Osiris.

So his brother Seth came and cut him into pieces  so he chuk him.  So the lady put back his body back.

3 questions

The best thing to do is play outside with my friends.  Or climb on the tree.  Or go to the beach or maybe go to the park and play there.  The best thing that I like to go is to the beach.  Because
you can have fun and we can go for a swim.  Or maybe I should go to the shops and buy some
lollies so we can eat.

The most important person is that was they got heart and the kid helped him.  He first ask the answer what happened and why are you heart.  Who hurt your feelings.  And who was the name
of the person and tell me why are you crying.  So she told what happened to her.

The right thing to do is that you can help your mum or your sister or your brother or maybe
your teacher.  So if they need any help you can just call them.  To help them.  With somthing