Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better then cure

WALT:respond to the presentation given by the public health dept.

This morning the whole school went to the hall to learn about rheumatic.  Dr Alison leversha from starship hospital came to our school.  It took us 25 min for the warriors.  When the warriors came they went to the stage.  So everyone can look at the warriors.  When the warriors went to the front.  

Elizabeth went to the stage to tell us that she will be pretending
to be a teacher and Awen will be the Doctor.  And the warriors
will be pretending to be the kids.  When it was class time Doctor
Awen was knocking on the door.  Then Elizabeth went and open
the door.Doctor Awen said  that if someone had a sore throat.  Then
Sione  put his hand up .   And he went with Doctor Awen to check
his throat.  But he was scared.  So the two
student said let count to 3 to open his mouth.  So we count up
to 3 and he opened his mouth.  So we started to clap and clap.

After that we went back to class so the warriors can sign their warriors paper.  When they came out they sign all the classes paper. After signing the paper We tooked a photo of them.  Then we went back to class.


Crystal said...

Hi Mele. You have a good recount about what happened that day. It was a nice day wasn't it? What was your favourite part when we had that special assembly?

Tupou Rose said...

Hi mele you have a very good story. what did you feel like you saw the warriors?

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