Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inspiration person

WALT: use our research to write an essay  on an inspirational person.

Miriama Jennet Kamo is a New Zealand television presenter, host and producer. She previously hosted the current affairs programme like 20/20 on TV. She was born in Christchurch on the 19th of October 1973.

She was an actress on a movie called Under The Mountains and also a TV show that we all know 20/20. That is a current affair television series that
was made in New Zealand and was hosted by Sonya Wilson. 20/20 was originally screened on TV 3 between 1993 and 2003.  
I've chosen Miriama Kamo because it only 20/20 I watch but not only 20/20 I watch cartoon.

Miriama Kamo use to act on 20/20 but then she finish on 2003.
Miriama Kamo she was an good presenter person.  She could speak properly and she can act like the other people in the television.







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