Monday, 19 May 2014

A poem-Teeth

      Teeth,teeth there is a teeth. One is wiggly and one is not
      Gum protect the teeth and jaw bone.  You can do lot of
      things with your  teeth. You can smile you can eat you can
also bite your teeth. Root holds the teeth in the jaw because 
if the jaw don't  hold the teeth. You will never have no teeth.  
Bones cones you can drowns with your bones because
      teeth helps you eat your food. Nerves bones it makes you
     strong. It helps you clear all your germs.




Shanelle said...

Hello Mele.
I like the tooth you draw. It is very stylish. Your poem is very nice. I liked the part where it says Bones cones you can drowns because it rhymes. My tooth looked like yours. Do you like to make poems?

tane said...

Hello Mele.
I like your teeth drawing it looks pretty cool.Was it hard to do.

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