Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cantic Sumatran tiger

Walt:write a report on the Sumatran Tiger.

On 28 August Cantik got arrived in Wellington from Burger Zoo in the Netherlands in 1994 and she was 21 years old.  Cantik was loved by everyone at Wellington zoo and has live a long full life.  There are only a few hundred Sumatran tiger left in the wild.  

Tiger they have very short powerful leg and a huge powerful jaw. Cantik had more than 20 cubs but then her cubs are at Australasia .  No tiger have the same pattern of stripes on there coats.  Tigers fail at least 90/ of the time in catching prey during hunt.


Tupou Rose said...
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Tupou Rose said...

Hi Mele it is me Tupou Siale it is a sad story that the tiger had died from cancer. Did you feel sorry for the tiger when you had heard that it had died?

Langaiva said...

Hi Mele Did you feel sorry for the tiger when it died? Do you know what
is the meaning of Cantiks name?

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