Friday, 19 April 2013

My reflections for term 1

Walt: reflect on my  learning

This year room 11 has been doing e-asttle tests.

My level for reading was 2P.  I didn’t do well, because it was a bit tricky. Some of my gaps were, read quickly and look for information and predict possible outcomes. One of my strengths was reading with understanding. Next term, I will try my hardest  to get up to level 3A. By getting to a level 3A, I will learn all my gaps.

For maths I was a 2B.  I didn't do well in maths, because in some of the questions were confusing . A few of my gaps were, describe the features of 2D and 3D objects and design and make pattern using translation. One of my strengths were now simple angles.

In my geometry and statistics my level was 2B. Geometry and statistics was a little bit hard..  Some of my strengths were, know the symmetry and angle properties of polygons and design and make pattern using translation, reflection, rotation. I have to learn to read graphs in statistics.

My learning is very important to me. I’m going to try so hard to get to a 3A. By the time it is term 3 I will be hopefully be  at the national standards!


Chase said...

Hi Mele I wasn't above the national standard too. I tried to get a 4B but I didn't get above. Next term you might get a 3A?

claudia said...

Hey Mele I can see you really need help with your work which is not good. But I think you will eventually you will make it up to national standards. I hope you make it Mele but well done anyway.

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