Friday, 10 May 2013

3 questions

The best thing to do is play outside with my friends.  Or climb on the tree.  Or go to the beach or maybe go to the park and play there.  The best thing that I like to go is to the beach.  Because
you can have fun and we can go for a swim.  Or maybe I should go to the shops and buy some
lollies so we can eat.

The most important person is that was they got heart and the kid helped him.  He first ask the answer what happened and why are you heart.  Who hurt your feelings.  And who was the name
of the person and tell me why are you crying.  So she told what happened to her.

The right thing to do is that you can help your mum or your sister or your brother or maybe
your teacher.  So if they need any help you can just call them.  To help them.  With somthing


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