Wednesday, 11 September 2013

As fast as the wind

One day there was a little boy call Te aho he was too scared that he is going to his new school.  When it was dark one shaft of moonlight was shining onto the wall.
Outside it was blowing hard and Te aho didn't like the wind and he said that sleep
will not come.  And each time the moon came out from the clouds.

Te aho shivered and snuggled further under the blanket.  But Te aho was still thinking about the poor boy and the hen the wind blow the boy and the hen to the ocean.  Then he shut his eye so that he couldn't see the picture any more.

It was lunchtime so they were lining up for rugby.  So the child said if he want to play
with them.   Te aho said no he just watch them playing.  Te aho said well so they decide to take him to there group.  Te aho kept an eye a close eye on the action  because he never played rugby before in his other school.

Te aho’s friend threw the ball to Te aho and Te aho ran faster as the wind.  someone yelled you're nearly there so some one said to him to dive so he dive and he got a score.  So someone said what a fast runner for such a small dude.  The kids all crowded around Te aho was still clutching the ball.  After school Koro went and waited to Te aho and ask how was school.  Te aho said it was great.


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