Monday, 2 September 2013

Heart beat in the dark

Once there was a boy call Darren he was scared of the dark so he came with his drum and his drum stick.  He was too scared to go to his cousin’s house because Bess always scared him.  Darren’s mom was mad because Darren can hear her mum’s heart beat.   Mum said to him hurry up because she is having a baby.  Mum said do you got your school stuff. Darren said yes then mum said do you got your toothbrush so Darren said yes and mum said remember to call pop so he went into the car.   

When he got there he went into his bedroom and Bess came with a lamb and she plugged it and she put the lamb into the wall so she can make the pet.  So Darren can get scared of the dark.  When it was dark Bess got bored so she went and sleep.  Darren got scared and he remembered that his pop said if he get up then he wouldn't breath.  So he walked and he was thinking of his drum and his drum stick.  So when he got there he can see black roof, black tree and he can see the blackness.

When he called his pop he rang and when they finished talking he ran to his room and started to smile and then her auntie called him to wake up because he has a new born sister so he started to smile.         


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