Saturday, 26 October 2013

Girl on fire

Walt: write a narrative

One day there was a girl that was staying home she was hungry and tired she went and made her food she turned on the stove and she went back to her room and slept.  When she woke up it wasn't cooked yet then she went back to sleep.  Then the alarm went on and she woked up and there was a fire it was burning her kitchen and she ran to the bathroom and get some water.  She went and splash the water on the fire and she went back and got lot of water.

But the fire went on top of her and the fire burned her and she stated to yelled for help.  But nobody didn't hear her then one person saw a house on fire so she called the fire fighters and said that there is a house on fire then he said that they are on there way.  When they got there they got the hose straight away and splashed it onto the fire then the fire went off then they start looking for her.  Then the ambulance came and took her to hospital and they called her parent to come because her daughter is at the hospital.

They straight went to the hospital and they were looking for her.  The parent said where is her daughter she said she is having a rest they said can we go to her or not she said no you can’t she need some rest.  So they waited there for half an hour the doctor said you can see her.  So they went to her and said how is your hand she said find so the mum said what happened she said I was hungry so I made me food.  Then I went to sleep and when I woked up the house was on fire and she said that was it.  One year she came out of the hospital and they went back home.


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