Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My missing shoes


In the morning my shoes went missing. My Nana said just wear the old shoes you got. I said yes. My mum said she will buy me new shoes tomorrow. I said yes. I woke up and said are we going to buy me a new pair of shoes.

They said after we come back from church. I said yes. After church I said we are going to buy me new shoes. They said yes. I went all away to the back. I asked my mum how much dollars do we have. She said we got ten dollars. I went to put on a shoe. My mum said does it fit on you. I said yes.  

We went to pay it. We went back home and made us a feed.


Maia said...

Hi Mele, I hope your shoes are nice and clean.
How much were your shoes ?

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