Friday, 21 June 2013

Mum stepped

WALT: to use better words.

Mum stepped dad because they got beat by a girl.  Mum said ha-ha you got beat by a girl.  So dad went back home and started to make him a Milo.  Mum said I stepped you.  Dad said congratulation mum said to dad I stepped you ha-ha.  Dad  said yes you beat me.  Mum said I stepped you I just stepped you.  Dad said  I'm going outside I need some fresh.

Mum said I  stepped you.  Dad said should we have another game.  Mum
said yes.  Dad said yap let play again.   after that mum said I you ready dad said yes I'm ready.  Then they started to play mum said get him.  

But they  didn't get him because he was too fast. Dad said I won.  Dad said what happened.  But mum said year you beat me congratulation.  Dad said I stepped you.  But mum started to look back and walked away.


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