Monday, 9 June 2014

Dental Presentation

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When Mrs Wallbridge came, she answered all room 11 and 12’s questions. Mrs Wallbridge was telling us all about our teeth.  There were some facts that I didn’t know, especially how Mrs Wallbridge told us about there’s a way to put your broken tooth back where it fall out, once you had an accident. Mrs Wallbridge made me understand why teeth are so important. I feel sorry for those people who don’t care about how smoking can make you live less and that will make your face look ugly and disgusting.  I think that it was good that Mrs Wallbridge came and explained about teeth.


Tainah said...

Kia Ora, Mele.

Their were amazing facts that I also didn't know. Kids who are Spanish also put their tooth under their pillow like many other culture but did you know that they leave it their for a little rat named Ratoncito Perez and the rat will exchange with money or lolly pop. I also feel sorry for those who don't understand that smoke may cause effects. They won't like it when they look at the mirror, when they have been smoking for over 5 or 6 years because it really makes a change of their look. I wouldn't even smoke if I had a chance because I don't want to ruin my beautiful face. You will also agree to me because you'll have the same feeling as me. I'm also surprised that Mrs Wallbridge came and telling us amazing and unexpected facts about our teeth but I was really impressed that their is a possible way to put it back on, wow!. What do you like about Mrs Wallbridge when she was explain us about teeth?

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