Monday, 29 September 2014

Thank you Room 2

Today Room 2 came and gave Some of the Room 11 a thank you letter. Thank you Room 2 for your lovely letter.


Tupou Rose said...

Hello Mele.
Wow you must be famous to Room 2. I think Room 2 gave you all these Thank you letters because they know that you did a lot of work. Did you have have making the muffins?

Kaho said...

Hello Mele
Room 2 sees like they like you for doing hard work. Did you have to make muffins?

Andrea said...

Kia Ora Mele
WOW! That's alot of thank you letters you got from room 2. I only got 1. The room 2 students must like you alot. Why do you think most of the room 2 students gave their thank you letters to you?

Keep up the magnificent work Mele.

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